About me

I'm Saeward Schillaci, the founder of Northwoods Editing. I have a Bachelor of Arts in English from Cornell University, but my editing and writing skills began to develop long before my time in college. From as early as I can remember, I've been an avid reader and writer. After studying English in college, I naturally drifted into a career path as an editor and writer. For me, Northwoods Editing is not just a business; it's the continued development of a personal passion.

I believe that this lifelong love of words sets me apart from many other copy editors and copy writers. When I'm editing a text, I truly enjoy the process of improving the document. When I'm writing web content, the thrill and challenge of creating excellent text gives me internal motivation to excel.  I founded Northwoods Editing as an opportunity to use my talents and help clients improve their professional image in the process.   

Northwoods Editing is also a reference to my other great passion - when I'm not tinkering with texts, I spend most of my time outdoors in the boreal forest of the United States and Canada,  more commonly called the Northwoods. I love introducing others to the outdoors as well, and I’ve worked occasional gigs as an outdoor guide for nearly a decade, leading activities ranging from winter travel to canoe camping to rock climbing. 

I hope Northwoods Editing can help you save time, improve your professional image, and ultimately enjoy your own hobbies as well. 

"The copy writing Saeward has provided us (The Resource Group) has tremendously helped us gain valuable SEO for our website...Saeward’s unique writing style makes the topics we share fun for the reader.  In addition, Saeward turns around projects very quickly and her grammar is superb."
- Kim Anselmo, Marketing Manager, The Resource Group

"With help from Northwoods Editing, I found that  I already had written the words to express clearly what I wanted to say; they only needed to be shifted around and slightly straightened for my logic to come through."
- Angela Lu, Personal Essay Writer