Why do you need a freelancer?


Your time is valuable. Polished writing adds to the credibility of your business. How can you increase your credibility, clarity, and respectability without wasting hours writing and editing your own documents? It's simple: hire a professional.

Northwoods Editing specializes in writing and editing for businesses in a variety of fields, including but not limited to software consulting services, real estate investment, and book publishers.  By hiring a freelancer, you can guarantee that any important text looks good, whether it's a research paper, a website, or a project involving hundreds of pages of legalese. 

Do you have plenty of ideas for blogs, FAQ pages, or other content-based marketing, but not enough time to write your own? Northwoods Editing also provides copywriting, and can work with you to turn a relevant question or topic into an informative, entertaining blog or other text.

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All photography provided by Kalyn Holl